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He has got so much talent his right runs around after the ball got good passing work rate cant fault

Gerard Houllier sent Barry Bannan off on Scotland duty with a ringing endorsement, insisting: "I believe in his talent."

Bannan is in the international party for this evening's friendly clash with the Faroe Islands at Pittodrie thanks to hi...s stunning performances in claret and blue this season.

Houllier has been impressed with not only the starlet's skill and vision but also his tenacity and desire to do well.

He said: "Barry has skill and vision.

"He can see very quickly and deliver the pass.

"He is only 20 and the national team has called him up. I believe in the boy.

"His work-rate and attitude are phenomenal too.

"When he can do more for the team, he does.

"I like him because I like players who can pass the ball and dribble and create things. The pitches help - the quality of the surface plays a part.

"He's tough and he can compete too.

"Funny enough, in the game against Blackpool he won a header in the middle of two of their players. Ian was next to me and blaming his players, saying how can this sort of thing happen."

Houllier says Bannan can more than survive in a top-flight he believes has become far more physical over the six years he has been away.

The Villa boss insists ability to cut it is not about size, more commitment.

He added: "What has struck me is the physical aspect of the game.

"Over the last six years, the game has become extremely physical - I don't mean aggressive, just physical.

"It is not about a matter of size. Obviously you need size in some positions but it is also a matter of commitment and physical commitment.

"Barry is competitive and it is not a matter of size. It is a matter of getting into it and he has that.

"The so-called inferior teams don't collapse too. They keep going.

"Sometimes you can feel if you played them in the past they may at some opportunity tire, this is not the case anymore.

"All clubs seem to have fitness coaches and scientific aspects to training and preparation. The physical level is absolutely phenomenal.

"Second is you have skilful players practically everywhere."See more
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