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Dec 11 10 12:37 PM

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Gerard Houllier "Oh my god! it is getting beyond a joke im a villan and im sori i dont get in here more than i shud but i do when i have sumit to say and i want this twat out of our football club he is makin bluenoses out of us VILLANS the whole team is a shambles and he has not got a feckin clue he shud be kicked to the KOP and back to france the CUNT , for fuk sake villans cmon we better than this i want us to be back on top and give our life and souls for the club believe and we can beat any team ffs under houllier we goin down no belief no desire no passion nothin we need fire and spark back again be PREPARED cmon VILLANS we better without houllier :@
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Dec 11 10 8:16 PM

Its fans like who want him out FFS :@ :wank:

MON left us in this shit where in now Houllier can only do with what his got not his team got injurys etc

GIVE HIM A CHANCE then judge him after next season

Sick of fans like you :wank:


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Dec 27 10 7:32 PM

Houllier will have taken us down by then how can you defend his record? And he has the same squad McDonald's and Mon had his record us worse and player moral is rock Bottom how players has he antagonised? No he has had enough time to show some glimmer of hope and has shown nothing except his loyalty to Liverpool.... disgraceful! Sorry but he cannot take us anywhere now he has done too much irrepairable damage esp as he has extremely limited funds and a small squad the last thing he should be doing is causing rifts. That's my personal view mate not an attack on your views tho ok.

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