Dec 28 10 7:49 PM

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Enough is enough! Now we're in a relegation battle and that's the manager saying that (I use the term manager very loosely) 14 games three wins! That's not just relegation form that's a joke no more excuses, he has players at his disposal that are more than capable of getting results against the majority of teams Mon may have left us high and dry but he spent the second highest amount in the prem in three years and we constantly challenged and punched above our weight, now were being linked with the likes of asbo barton and Freddie piquione? They are not the creative central mid player and 20-30 goal a season striker we have been crying out for now for near on 15 years bent, defoe, are just two players we have missed out on that fit that description lerner wallet out and then houllier to follow this is not a joke for true fans who love live and breathe villa I will never stop loving this club but the name aston villa fc is not just a name on some headed paper or a blazer the crest on that shirt is a symbol to hundreds of thousands of fans everytime its worn and seen, something that we can all get behind support and love, its time the arguments and politics stop, and we all bring the great lion bk to life, I don't expect every trophy and accolade but I expect effort and heart in the performances of everyone in or around OUR club!